AIR PlatformTM is a fully custom CMS platform.

AIR PlatformTM has been entirely designed and developed by creation & design and it is much more than a common open source CMS. It is a custom CMS platform.

It is an integrated and advanced custom corporate and e-commerce website management platform, modern, easy-to-use, fully customizable and adaptable, depending on the project, it is functional, efficient and safe.

Limitless platform configuration.

We have all had trouble managing a website through an open source CMS with limited capabilities, functions and choices. If you want a unique user experience, AIR PlatformTM provides you with a canvas on which you can make your vision come true, configure a corporate website or an e-commerce website.

Configuration depending on the needs of your project

Wide range of features and functions

Full platform configuration and parametrization

Flexibility and effectiveness.

AIR PlatformTM is a simple and intuitive content management interface. The specific capabilities and functions needed for the development of your project are the only ones to appear. Content management is easy and simple, without requiring technical knowledge.

Unique content management experience

Real-time data visualization

Platform flexibility and multiple functionality